‘Kill the Irishman’ Review: Bomb City U.S.A., Once Upon a Time

In the summer of 1976, 36 bombs went off in Cleveland. I’d heard this statistic somewhere before; it’s sort of hard not to when you’ve lived within driving distance of the city your whole life. But seeing that statistic placed in context is still pretty startling. As far as I know, Kill the Irishman is the first gangster movie set in Cleveland, and as such, it was pretty weird to watch tough guys from The Sopranos parading across the screen talking about places like Youngstown and Cuyahoga Falls. I kept thinking, “Don’t you mean the Bronx? Or something?”

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Gobbledygeek #25 Tonight!

The American Myth himself, Stephen "Captain America" Colbert.

The twenty-fifth episode of Gobbledygeek airs live tonight at 10:30 PM EST right here. Pam’s birthday is tomorrow–for real this time–so we explore a topic of her own invention: American Myths. These are things like superheroes, the Old West, and the counterculture of the 1960′s which have become ingrained in our culture. Why? What do they say about us? Hopefully we’ll get around to some of that. In the bonus hour, we’ll touch upon next week’s DVD releases, the brand new Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions video game, and some new films, including Machete.

Reminder: Calling into the show is potentially a toll call, but if you’ve got a free Skype account and a free BlogTalkRadio account, you can use the free “Click to Talk” button to call in…for free!