Spider-Man 2099 Swings Into ‘Shattered Dimensions’

The third dimension of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, the forthcoming video game in which you traverse four different worlds as four different Spider-Men, has been announced: Spider-Man 2099! Honestly, I’ve got a couple issues of Spider-Man 2099 scattered throughout my collection, but I don’t know much about the character. Paul’s a big fan, but I just know the basics from Wikipedia: “Miguel O’ Hara is a brilliant geneticist who gains his spider-like powers from a gene-splicing incident.”

Regardless, the 2099 teaser looks superb:

I’m really excited for this game; the concept is brilliant, the graphics are great, and Dan Slott wrote the story. Now that we know that three of the dimensions are Amazing, Noir, and 2099, what could the fourth be? I’m banking on Spider-Ham. (Please dear God, let it be Spider-Ham.)

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