This Week’s Gobbledygeek Will Be a Day Early

The dilemma of doing something like Gobbledygeek–which despite the charming amateurishness and all does actually require no small amount of planning–without getting paid for it, while beholden to everyday life, is that sometimes life is gonna win out. That’s why we skipped three weeks last month, and since we don’t want to have to cancel again, this week’s show is going to be on Thursday, June 10, instead of Friday, June 11. Of course, we understand that you might not be able to listen live because of this, but that’s why BlogTalkRadio archives it (and don’t forget, you can have all our shows imported into your iTunes library).

Oh, and I can reveal this week’s topic: the summer movie season! There’ll be a brief history of summer movies, mentions of the best of them, and an overview of the good stuff coming out this summer. You can listen to the show right here this Thursday at 10:30 PM EST.


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