‘Scott Pilgrim’ Watch: New Video Game Trailer Ups Coolness Level of Entire Universe; Plus, Evil Exes Posters!

More Scott Pilgrim vs. the World news, this time about the forthcoming video game for PlayStation Network. The trailer for the game was unveiled at E3, and you can check it out courtesy of GameTrailers.com.

As with everything Scott Pilgrim-related, there is nothing to say but that it looks insanely freaking cool. It’s done in the old 8-bit side-scrolling beat-’em-up fashion, with brilliant character designs and awesome music. It’s basically everything you would hope for in a Scott Pilgrim video game. Major props for part of the Todd Ingram battle being a Guitar Hero-style bass-off. Oh, and Kim’s annoyed facial expression at about 38 seconds in is absolutely perfect. The game should be out for PSN in August, and for Xbox Live some time after that. Alas, my Xbox is broken and it’s never coming to Wii, so who knows when I’ll get to play it. The universe is now much cooler, but it remains unfair.

Head after the jump for a look at the 7 Evil Exes character posters for the film.

CinePremiere has good-quality versions of the 7 Evil Exes posters. All are great and again show Edgar Wright’s total commitment to the books’ designs. I’m trying to prevent my anticipation from rocketing even higher just because I’m not sure anything is even allowed to be as awesome as this movie looks.

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