‘Twilight’ Dawns on Gobbledygeek

To quote the esteemed Dr. Egon Spengler, “This is big, [loving Gobbledygeek fan]. This is very big.” Millions of fangirls and fanboys (or fangirls’ boyfriends) will thrill to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse at midnight tonight. Now, Twilight is not exactly a geek subject. At Comic-Con 2008, the first Comic-Con upon which the Twilight cast and their adoring fans descended, I clearly remember people in Joker make-up and Spock ears proclaiming with disgust that this prettyboy vampire shit was ruining the Con. It didn’t particularly hinder my experience, though I will admit I scoffed at the weirdos camping overnight outside Hall H (then again, I would scoff at anyone camping out overnight for anything…you losers).

Paul and myself are on record as not being Twilight fans. However, Michele Durham, a good friend of the show, is. She has graciously accepted our invitation to join us on this Friday’s show. She’ll shed some light on the Twilight phenomenon for us outsiders, we’ll share our differing points of view, and hopefully we’ll all come away enlightened, having learned the ways of other cultures. Or something. I think it will be fun and, with any luck, rather insightful.

Michele’s already done a lot of impressive prep work for the show, and Paul and I are actually planning on watching New Moon to ready ourselves. So I think this is going to be a good one. All that’s missing is your input. What do you think of the Twilight saga? Love it? Hate it? Super ambivalent about it? Curling in the fetal position until it goes away? We want to hear from you. If you’ll just shoot us an e-mail, we’ll read it live on this Friday’s show. Thank you kindly.


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