Gobbledygeek #18 Tonight!

Another non-existent week on the blog, another apology from moi. I still haven’t gotten the last Characters post up, and I doubt I will today. That just means you have two posts to look forward to next week!

However, Gobbledygeek is still going full steam, and the eighteenth episode airs live tonight at 10:30 PM EST right here. The topic of the evening is–what else?–San Diego Comic-Con 2010. We’re not on the ground, but we are following all the news, and we’ll discuss the big items from the first two days of the Con. At some point I imagine we’ll also get around to the newly released Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, the final volume in Bryan Lee O’Malley’s great comic book series. Then, in the bonus hour, Paul and I continue our countdown of the Top 100 Characters in Modern Pop Culture with #s 60-51.

If you’re at Comic-Con or if you’d like to share your memories of past Cons, why don’t you give us a call tonight or e-mail us?

Reminder: Calling into the show is potentially a toll call, but if you’ve got a free Skype account and a free BlogTalkRadio account, you can use the free “Click to Talk” button to call in…for free!


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