Gobbledygeek #22 Tonight!

Emma Watson in 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I'

The twenty-second episode of Gobbledygeek airs live tonight at 10:30 PM EST right here. The fall movie season is right around the corner, and as such, we’ll be taking a look at the titles coming out, at least the ones that interest us. More than 30, actually, if we get around to all of them. And trust me, it goes from arthouse stuff to the lowest of the lowbrow. We’re eclectic like that.

In the bonus hour–and this is exciting–we’ve got the penultimate installment of our countdown of the Top 100 Characters in Modern Pop Culture with #20-11. That’s right, it’s this close to being over, and we’re that much closer to entering another exciting era of Gobbledygeek! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the comic book-ish-ness of that statement.)

Reminder: Calling into the show is potentially a toll call, but if you’ve got a free Skype account and a free BlogTalkRadio account, you can use the free “Click to Talk” button to call in…for free!


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