Listen to Last Night’s Gobbledygeek

Get it? 'Cuz...'cuz it's a character...

Last night’s Gobbledygeek, “The Top 10,” is available for listening right here. As you can tell by the totally un-subtle title, we discuss our top 10 characters in modern pop culture, the end of our first major undertaking. Luckily, the top 10 went off without a hitch, and I think the first half of the show is really strong. Unfortunately, immediately after I finished my #1 pick, Skype decided to be a motherfucker, so there’s about four minutes of silence where we got cut off, and we’re back for the rest of the show, but…well, yeah. The roughest tech problems we’ve ever had. I’m absent for a good deal of the bonus hour simply because I couldn’t understand what Paul and Kevin were saying. But hey, let’s focus on the positive here! Those first 90 minutes are beautiful!

Things you have to look forward to next week: no more of us prattling on about why we chose this character or that one; a brand new bonus hour format.

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