Listen to Last Night’s Gobbledygeek

Last night’s Gobbledygeek, “How to Stake a Vampire,” is available for listening right here. It’s the first of our five Halloween-themed shows this month, and in it we discuss everyone’s favorite creature of the night, the venerable vampire. Everything from Nosferatu to Fright Night gets a mention, and we talk about our favorite approaches to the vampire mythos as well (Kevin and I share our own). Then in the bonus hour, we talk about next week’s DVD releases, The Social Network, and a few other bits and bobs. Sink your fangs in and enjoy.

Next week: werewolves.

2 thoughts on “Listen to Last Night’s Gobbledygeek

  1. Vampires. Totally suck. Ha. I kill me.

    Anyhow… I scribbled down some notes while listening and now you’re getting them all, in or out of order I can’t recall.

    I do not own a Blu Ray player. I’m annoyed that I might have to change over all my DVDs to Blu Ray versions and a part of me doesn’t like the manipulation to buy one, such as DVDs being released and only having extras and stuff on the Blu Ray version.
    A big FU to George Lucas re-re-re-releasing Star Wars in 3-D. I sill not be going to see it. Unless he changes it so that Han shoots first. That is the only thing that would get me to see them. (And by “them” I mean the original three only.)
    I read the book Dracula by Bram Stoker. It was a disappointment. And boring. The movie was slightly better, but did not live up to the trailer at all, which looked awesome.
    I once read a book that was from Dracula’s perspective and that was pretty good. I forget the name of it, but he was married to a gypsy woman who was sent to Hell and he rescued her from eternal torment and then exacted righteous revenge, and honestly, I was totally on his side.
    Dracula 2000 with Gerard Butler, Omar Epps, and practically just a cameo by Nathan Fillion was campy and low budget, but I really loved the logic of the movie and why Dracula is Dracula. They set it up for a sequel but if there is one, I’ve never seen it.
    I prefer my vampires as a person afflicted, not as souless monsters, because really, then they’re just zombies. I hate zombies.
    I’m not sure where the myth came from that women love vampire stories because they are allegory for the forbidden since in almost all vampire stories had women either falling under a vampires spell and losing all free will or dead & there aren’t too many women I know that fantasize about being completely mentally and physically powerless or dead.
    True Blood has the best treatment of vampires, IMO. There is a nice balance of how cool it would be to be a vampire, but there are consequences too. And the female vampires are just as varied and unique as the men. But it most definitely owes it’s exsistence to Joss, and it’s never been a secret that Charlaine Harris is a Buffy fan.
    I wasn’t under the impression that in True Blood, the ability to fly had anything to do with age, it’s just a thing some can do.
    Lestat: was a cold hearted, psychotic mother fucker. And he drank directly from the Queen of all vampires which is why he became so powerful that he could fly and (I think) withstand sunlight.
    I too read AJ’s short story. *thumbs up*

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