The Future of Gobbledygeek

The second season of Gobbledygeek is scheduled to begin on January 20, and Paul and I have been pretty quiet about it so far. That’s because we’ve been working on the new format. That’s right, we have a new format.

Gobbledygeek will no longer be a live show.

Why? Well, we’ve really gotten fed up with all of the technical problems on BlogTalkRadio, and recording it beforehand allows us to add music cues, sound effects, and edit out anything that seriously needs to be edited out (no censoring our incompetence, however). The live tweets and the callers have been a huge part of our show, but that doesn’t have to change entirely; our friends can tweet about the show once it’s uploaded, and if any of you ever want to join us on the show, you absolutely can. You have definitely not heard the last of Kevin, and we plan on having more group get-togethers in the future.

So it’ll be a different format, but it’ll be the same show, the same two idiots blathering on and on about the same nerdy shit. It’ll just be pre-recorded.

We made a promise that the first episode would air on January 20, so we’re going to record it in the next few days and have it edited and uploaded by the 20th. After that, we’ll figure out a regular schedule so hopefully the news/topics we talk about will be timelier by the time the show goes up.

Thanks to everyone who made our first season so fantastic. You’ll be hearing from us soon.

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