It’s Been a Whole Year, Folks

Can you believe it? Today, Gobbledygeek celebrates its one-year anniversary. On March 12, 2010, the show premiered on BlogTalkRadio in its live format–in the afternoon, amazingly enough–with an exceedingly awkward few hours. 44 episodes, one cast reduction, and one radical change in recording format later, I’m proud to say that we are marginally less awkward. To celebrate, check out some of our favorite episodes:

“Nerd, Dork, or Geek? Juggernaut!” (4/23/10)

“The Angry Atheist and the Religious Feminist” (6/4/10)

“Falling in Love Again” (7/2/10)

“The Match in the Fireworks Shop” (7/9/10)

“The Top 10” (8/27/10)

“Boo” (10/14/10)

“Gobbledygeek Thanksgiving I” (11/18/10)

“2010 in Review” (12/16/10)

“Springtime for Puffy Val Kilmer” (1/22/11)

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