Listen to Episode 52, “Geeks of Future Past”

Salvador Dali's "The Persistence of Memory," which inspired everyone from Ingmar Bergman to that kid in school who kept trying to get you to do acid with him.

Gobbledygeek episode 52, “Geeks of Future Past,” is available for listening or download right here.

Let’s say you go back in time and kill your grandfather. This means you were never born, and could never have gone back to murder your sweet ol’ granddad. And more importantly, it means that you wouldn’t be here, about to listen to Gobbledygeek, something I believe we can all agree would be a grave tragedy. This week, Paul and AJ discuss just such a time travel paradox, as well as methods of time travel and time travel’s representations in pop culture. We’ve got the flux capacitor fired up; hop in. Plus: news, AJ’s review of Hereafter, and Formspring questions!

Next: you’ll finally get to hear our fabled True Grit/Black Swan test episode from January since AJ is going on hiatus–er, vacation.

(Show notes for “Geeks of Future Past.”)

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