Listen to the Gobbledygeek Season 2 Finale, “2011 in Review”

Gobbledygeek episode 79, “2011 in Review,” is available for listening or download right here.

Well, boys and girls, the second season of Gobbledygeek has come to a close, so just like they did last year, Paul and AJ talk about everything they loved and hated in the past twelve months. In the midst of discussing their favorite and least favorite movies, TV shows, albums, and comics of 2011–among other things–the boys engage in some bickering, some mockery, some name-calling…a good way to end the year, don’t you think?

Next: Bat-Turkey, and those two lunkheads he lets host the podcast, go into hibernation for the next month. Which for you, dear listener, can only mean blessed relief. That is, until Gobbledygeek season 3 starts on January 21, 2012! So get some rest while you can.

(Show notes for “2011 in Review.”)

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