‘Ready Player One’ Author Ernie Cline Invites You to Try and Win a DeLorean

When Paul and I talked to mega-geek Ernie Cline, author of the New York Times bestseller Ready Player One, last month, he mentioned that he was planning something special to commemorate the book’s paperback release. Specifically, he said that he was going to kick off a contest similar to the one late game designer James Halliday devises in the novel. Well, guess what? The paperback is out as of today, June 5, and the contest has begun!

Watch “Ernie’s Invitation” below:

Ernie shows off his 1982 DeLorean, dubbed the Ecto-88, which he’s souped up to be a “time-traveling, Knight Riding, ghostbusting jet car.” If, as a sane person, you look at that and go, “WANT,” well, you’re in luck! There’s an Easter Egg hidden within the text of Ready Player One–only the physical editions, not the e-books–that will lead you to a URL which will unlock the first of three video game challenges. Once you find the Easter Egg and complete the challenge, it’ll lead you to the second challenge, and the second challenge will in turn lead you to the third. The first person to complete all three challenges will be the proud new owner of a 1981 DeLorean that Ernie just got off of eBay. It’s not totally modded like Ernie’s, but it does have a Flux Capacitor, which…awesome.

Ernie will be driving the DeLorean across the country on his book tour this summer; for information on the tour, check out his blog, and for complete contest rules, click here.

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