Listen to ‘Smoke Gets in Your Ears: A Mad Men Podcast’ Episode 6 (feat. Jason Tabrys)


Smoke Gets in Your Ears: A Mad Men Podcast episode 6 is available for listening or download right here, and on iTunes here.

After a short break, AJ, Kenn, and Joe have returned to talk more Mad Men. To help them discuss the first three episodes of season 2, the gang is joined by noted Billy Joel enthusiast/Radio Bastard co-host Jason Tabrys. Kenn and Joe aren’t thrilled by these opening episodes, so AJ and Jason attempt to set them straight; much horse-related humor, discussion of Don’s unglamorous aging, and alpha hipsters follows. Plus, don’t miss another exciting installment of Hamm Watch!

(Show notes for Smoke Gets in Your Ears episode 6.)

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