Unveiling ‘The Deli Counter of Justice’ Cover

'The Deli Counter of Justice' cover. Art by Blair J. Campbell. Logo/font design by Karen Wellenkamp.

‘The Deli Counter of Justice’ cover. Art by Blair J. Campbell. Logo/font design by Karen Wellenkamp.

As you might imagine from everything we’ve said about the book, one of our aims in putting together The Deli Counter of Justice was to make the superheroic mundane and the mundane superheroic. What better image to summarize this mission statement than a superhero, clad in head-to-toe spandex, standing before a deli counter with a shopping basket? For the cover art, we have to thank the terrific Blair J. Campbell, who brought our ideas to life with his wonderful comic book-y art. Meanwhile, on the font front, credit goes to Karen Wellenkamp (@QuoterGal), who designed all the words on the front and back covers, deciding where they should go and what they should look like.

As a reminder, you’ll be able to hold this shiny cover in your hands on Wednesday, November 5.

If you want to hear more about what goes into graphic design, AJ and Eric sat down with Karen to talk about her decades-long career as a designer, her preference for detective novels over superheroes, the great deal of research that goes into her process, and even an unused Gobbledygeek logo she created. You can listen to or download the interview right here, or on iTunes here.

Next: AJ and Eric return to chat with “Calculated Risk” author Kitty Chandler on Thursday, October 16.

(Show notes for The Deli Podcast of Justice #6.)

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