Listen to ‘The Deli Podcast of Justice’ Interview with C. Gayle Seaman


The Deli Podcast of Justice interview with C. Gayle Seaman is available for listening or download right here, and on iTunes here.

Superheroes aren’t all fisticuffs and laser vision. They’re also poetry in motion, something C. Gayle Seaman hits upon with her contribution to The Deli Counter of Justice, the poem “Spring Memories,” in which a young man reflects on a childhood encounter with his idol Piecemaker. Paul and AJ talk to Gayle about her family’s history in the newspaper business, the romance novel she wrote a few years back, and how the fairy tale characters of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm were her first superheroes.

Next: on Thursday, October 23, Paul and Eric turn the tables on AJ to discuss his story “Innovation.”

(Show notes for The Deli Podcast of Justice #8.)

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