Listen to ‘Smoke Gets in Your Ears: A Mad Men Podcast’ Episode 26


Smoke Gets in Your Ears: A Mad Men Podcast episode 26 is available for listening or download right here, and on iTunes here.

Mad Men season 6: the jumping-off point. AJ, Kenn, and Joe begin their discussion of the show’s sixth season by discussing the two-part premiere “The Doorway,” in which, yes, there is a metric shit-ton of doorway symbolism; and “Collaborators,” wherein Beans and Ketchup are emphatically not two tastes that taste great together. There’s much talk of Don’s new fatalistic bent, the Dawn Summers-like introduction of Bob Benson, and the addition of Linda Cardellini as another (but quite different) Draper mistress. Plus, don’t miss another exciting installment of Hamm Watch!

(Show notes for Smoke Gets in Your Ears episode 26.)

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