Listen to ‘Gobbledygeek’ Episode 225, “When Pigs (and Castles) Fly (feat. Greg Sahadachny)”


Gobbledygeek episode 225, “When Pigs (and Castles) Fly (feat. Greg Sahadachny),” is available for listening or download right here, and on iTunes here.

Miyazaki Month takes to the skies this week with 1986’s Castle in the Sky, the first official Studio Ghibli production, about a boy from a mining town and a princess from a floating island (jeez, does this guy have a thing for princesses or what?); and 1992’s Porco Rosso, wherein a man with the face of a pig fights air pirates and evades the Italian Secret Police. Greg Sahadachny, host of The Debatable Podcast and All the Pieces Matter, joins Paul and AJ to discuss Miyazaki’s aviation fascination, how Castle in the Sky may be the perfect bridge between Nausicaä  and Princess Mononoke, why Porco Rosso succeeds (or doesn’t) as a character study, and more.

Next: Monique Morgan of Beacon Hills: After Dark and Nathan Burdette of On the Rocks join us for a look at Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle.

(Show notes for “When Pigs (and Castles) Fly.”)

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