Listen to ‘The Avatar Returns’ Episode 15


The Avatar Returns episode 15 is available for listening or download right here and on iTunes here.

Another episode of The Avatar Returns is here to teach you a lesson…ON YOUR FACE! The boys fight over who gets to be Dock, Xu, and Bushi as they critique chapter 303, “The Painted Lady.” In 304, “Sokka’s Master,” our favorite “regular guy” gets a cool meteor sword, and Eric enrolls in Tae Bo by Iroh. And finally, it’s Beach Blanket Zuko in chapter 305, “The Beach.” AJ is still iffy on Sideways Eye Guy; Eric drops knowledge on the Chakra Theory of bending sub-styles; and is Avatar: The Last Airbender actually just a retooling of Daria?

Next: we get morbid and creepifying with chapters 306-308, “The Avatar and The Firelord,” “The Runaway,” and “The Puppetmaster.”

(Show notes for The Avatar Returns episode 15.)

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