Listen to Gobbledygeek Episode 438 – “FCF: Goodnight Punpun”

Art from Goodnight Punpun: Vol. 1 (2007) by Inio Asano

Gobbledygeek episode 438, “FCF: Goodnight Punpun,” is available for listening or download right here, on Spotify, and on Apple Podcasts.

The Four-Color Flashback, that most venerated non-Gobbledyween tradition, has been around in some form for nearly all of this podcast’s 11 years. And yet–we’ve never discussed manga, the world’s most popular comics format. Paul and Arlo have decided to rectify that with the first volume of Inio Asano’s Goodnight Punpun, the surreal exploration of one young boy’s troubled adolescence. Punpun Punyama has a crush on the new girl at school, stays with his hipster uncle because of his abusive dad, hears the voice of God, and is beginning to familiarize himself with the art of self-pleasure. Oh, he and his whole family are also rendered as simple little cartoon bird and/or ghost people, while the world around them is drawn in gorgeous detail by Asano. The boys share their limited experience with manga, Arlo enjoys weird vagina monsters, and Paul has an epiphany.

Next: free(style) as a bird(boy).


  • 00:00:55  –  Intro / Guest
  • 00:04:58  –  Main Topic
  • 01:16:40  –  Outro / Next



  • “Baby Blue” by Fishmans, Kuuchuu Camp (1996)
  • “Iko Iko” by The Dixie Cups, Chapel of Love (1964)


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