Listen to Gobbledygeek Episode 443 – “FCF: Sweet Tooth: Deluxe Edition – Books Two and Three”

Art from Sweet Tooth: Deluxe Edition – Book Two by Jeff Lemire & José Villarrubia

Gobbledygeek episode 443, “FCF: Sweet Tooth: Deluxe Edition – Books Two and Three,” is available for listening or download right here, on Spotify, and on Apple Podcasts.

Nature is healing. For this month’s Four-Color Flashback, Paul and Arlo conclude the post-apocalyptic journeys of  The Boy and the Big Man with Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth: Deluxe Edition – Books Two and Three. The remnants of humanity fight tooth and nail for survival against the paws and claws of the human/animal hybrid children, who only seem to be increasing in number. Which begs the question, Whose apocalypse is this, exactly? The boys discuss the obvious influence of Lost on the book, whether or not Lemire should have thrown back a certain Fish, the series’ beautiful finale, and how horses are just really tough to draw.

NEXT: could be Loki, could be low-key.


Paul and Arlo rave about Jeff Lemire’s use of watercolors throughout Sweet Tooth. That praise should actually be reserved for brilliant colorist José Villarrubia. Sorry, José!


  • 00:00:55  –  Intro / Guest
  • 00:04:40  –  Main Topic
  • 01:47:23  –  Outro / Next



  • “(Nothing But) Flowers” by Talking Heads, Naked (1988)
  • “Nature Trail to Hell” by “Weird Al” Yankovic, In 3-D (1984)


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