Listen to Gobbledygeek Episode 463 – “The Animatrix & The Matrix Resurrections (feat. Tilly Bridges)”

Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves in The Matrix Resurrections (2021), directed by Lana Wachowski

Gobbledygeek episode 463, “The Animatrix & The Matrix Resurrections (feat. Tilly Bridges),” is available for listening or download right here, on Spotify, and on Apple Podcasts.

Why use old code to mirror something new? Writer/producer Tilly Bridges is back to continue last week’s discussion of The Matrix series. This time, she joins Paul and Arlo to chat about 2003’s anime anthology The Animatrix, which fits surprisingly well into the series’ trans allegory; and, for the bulk of this episode, The Matrix Resurrections. Lana Wachowski’s triumphant return to her signature co-creation is strikingly similar to the original films…and strikingly different. The gang discusses Neo/Trinity’s self-actualization, Wachowski’s freer and more open approach to filmmaking, Jonathan Groff’s take on Agent Smith, and so much more.

NEXT: we’ll be back, or we won’t. We probably will be.


  • 00:00:55  –  Intro / Guest
  • 00:03:00  –  The Animatrix
  • 00:41:32  –  The Matrix Resurrections
  • 01:51:20  –  Outro / Next



  • “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, Surrealistic Pillow (1967)
  • “Wake Up” by Brass Against, Brass Against (2018)


Listen to Gobbledygeek Episode 457 – “What If…? (feat. Michael Holland)

What If…? (2021, created by A.C. Bradley

Gobbledygeek episode 457, “What If…? (feat. Michael Holland),” is available for listening or download right here, on Spotify, and on Apple Podcasts.

What if…you listened to a podcast about What If…? In a universe of infinite possibilities, Michael Holland (currently post-production supervisor on The Peripheral for Amazon) finds himself once again teaming up with Paul and Arlo for a discussion of MCUTV. This time, it’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first animated series, the multiversal What If…? Ostensibly an anthology series, the show ponders the ways in which our heroes’ lives could have gone very, very differently. For their part, the gang ponders the series’ relationship to the classic comic book of the same name, how the 2.5D animation allows for greater freedom than live-action, how voice acting is not the same thing as physical acting, and how–of course–everything is connected.

NEXT: we bid farewell to 2021 with the comfy, cozy The Muppet Christmas Carol.


  • 00:00:30  –  Intro / Guest
  • 00:04:06  –  What if…there was a comic book series called What If…?
  • 00:20:04  –  What If…?  (the show!)
  • 02:19:40  –  Outro / Next


  • “Changes” by David Bowie, Hunky Dory (1971)
  • “Howard the Duck Theme” by Dolby’s Cube feat. Cherry Bomb & Lea Thompson, Howard the Duck Original Soundtrack (1986)


Listen to Gobbledygeek Episode 438 – “FCF: Goodnight Punpun”

Art from Goodnight Punpun: Vol. 1 (2007) by Inio Asano

Gobbledygeek episode 438, “FCF: Goodnight Punpun,” is available for listening or download right here, on Spotify, and on Apple Podcasts.

The Four-Color Flashback, that most venerated non-Gobbledyween tradition, has been around in some form for nearly all of this podcast’s 11 years. And yet–we’ve never discussed manga, the world’s most popular comics format. Paul and Arlo have decided to rectify that with the first volume of Inio Asano’s Goodnight Punpun, the surreal exploration of one young boy’s troubled adolescence. Punpun Punyama has a crush on the new girl at school, stays with his hipster uncle because of his abusive dad, hears the voice of God, and is beginning to familiarize himself with the art of self-pleasure. Oh, he and his whole family are also rendered as simple little cartoon bird and/or ghost people, while the world around them is drawn in gorgeous detail by Asano. The boys share their limited experience with manga, Arlo enjoys weird vagina monsters, and Paul has an epiphany.

Next: free(style) as a bird(boy).


  • 00:00:55  –  Intro / Guest
  • 00:04:58  –  Main Topic
  • 01:16:40  –  Outro / Next



  • “Baby Blue” by Fishmans, Kuuchuu Camp (1996)
  • “Iko Iko” by The Dixie Cups, Chapel of Love (1964)


Listen to Gobbledygeek Episode 409 – “Hamilton (feat. Sarah Kosheff)

Daveed Diggs, Okieriete Onaodowan, Anthony Ramos, and Lin-Manuel Miranda in ‘Hamilton’ (2020), directed by Thomas Kail.

Gobbledygeek episode 409, “Hamilton (feat. Sarah Kosheff),” is available for listening or download right here and on Apple Podcasts here.

2020 may be an absolute shitshow, but thanks to Disney+, we can all be in the living room where it happens: the filmed performance of Hamilton, recorded in 2016 with the original Broadway cast, is now available to stream. Paul and Arlo may have talked about Hamilton, oh, once or twice or 18 times since its debut five years ago, but luckily über-fan Sarah Kosheff is on hand to help them find new things to say. Arlo talks about getting to see an actual production of Hamilton for the first time, Paul relays the time he was sprayed with Groff sauce, the gang discusses the up-close nuance of the troupe’s acting, and they address some of the political and cultural criticisms of the show.

Next: we get all dolled up for a Geek Challenge featuring Puppet Master and Seed of Chucky.


Total Run Time: 02:15:20

  • 00:00:18  –  Intro / Guest
  • 00:01:34  –  Main Topic
  • 02:09:40  –  Outro / Next


  • “Alexander Hamilton” by Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton, Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording) (2015)
  • “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” by Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton, Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording) (2015)



Listen to Gobbledygeek Episode 405 – “Moonshadow and Slyfox”

Gobbledygeek episode 405, “Moonshadow and Slyfox,” is available for listening or download right here and on iTunes here.

Ah, youth. A time of joy and comfort, of excitement and adventure. Also pain and fear and anxiety and awkwardness and all that fun stuff. Spinning out of their recent conversation with senior British correspondent Wesley Mead, Paul and Arlo talk about nostalgia (Greek for “pain from an old wound,” according to Don Draper). They regale the listener with tales of their misbegotten youths, from chronic illness and cutting class to oddball rebellion and a very memorable chauffeur experience. Is any of this interesting? Who knows? We’re past episode 400 here, what do you expect?

Next: as always in these strange times, you’ll know when we do.


Total Run Time: 01:31:39

  • 00:00:45  –  Intro
  • 01:27:55  –  Outro / Next


  • “Borrowed Time” by John Lennon, Milk and Honey (1984)
  • “Moonshadow” by Cat Stevens, Teaser and the Firecat (1971)

Listen to the ‘Gobbledygeek’ Bonus Episode “Feels Like the First Time”

The original Bat-Turkey, an extremely poor fusion of clip art and Arlo’s less than rudimentary MS Paint skills.

The Gobbledygeek bonus episode “Feels Like the First Time” is available for listening or download right here and on iTunes here.

Once upon a time, three idiots did a podcast. Their names were Paul Smith, Arlo “AJ” Wiley, and Joseph “Will Penley” Lewis. And no, we’re not talking about Gobbledygeek episode 400–we’re talking about the very first episode, recorded a full decade ago. This painful, awkward reminder of where it all began has been lost to time and/or the BlogTalkRadio servers for at least a few years now. Now, it has been restored–but never remastered–to its proper glory. Relive the earliest day of the podcast, with discussion of Alice in Wonderland, Lost, Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, and a whole bunch of random nerd shit they did not have the faculties to properly critique. Enjoy?

Listen to ‘Gobbledygeek’ Episode 400 – “Feels Like the 400th Time (feat. Joseph Lewis)”

This should never have happened.

Gobbledygeek episode 400, “Feels Like the 400th Time,” is available for listening or download right here and on iTunes here.

A global pandemic. Britain leaving the European Union. Donald Trump being elected president. FX canceling Terriers after one goddamn season. It has been, without question, the dumbest decade. Add to that list the strange, mystifying endurance of Gobbledygeek. A podcast hosted by two straight cis white male idiots, ostensibly devoted to the discussion of “popular culture,” and listened to by only a small handful of reprobates, has somehow lasted ten years and 400 episodes. Many other, arguably better podcasts have come and gone. But Paul and Arlo are still here, joined by original Gobbler and fellow Heathen Joseph Lewis, to reminisce about their extraordinarily humble beginnings. The gang listened back to their very first episode (now available to cringe through for the first time in years!) before recording, and they revisit those long-forgotten topics in the year of our lord 2020. Do they remember anything about Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland? Does the Lost finale hold up? Do they give even a single shit about “fandom” anymore? All that PLUS they commiserate about our COVID-infected present and reenact a scene from a truly insane screenplay Joe wrote when he was 15. Oh, they talk about the Gary Oldman thing again too.

Next: we’ve given up even trying to guess. There’ll be another one of these soon.


Total Run Time: 02:18:40

  • 00:00:00  –  Painful, awkward reminder of where it all began
  • 00:02:00  –  Painful, awkward proof of how far we’ve come
  • 02:13:13  –  Outro / Next


  • “Also Sprach Bat-Turkey” by Arlo Wiley (feat. Richard Strauss) (2010)
  • “A Song About Arlo J. Wiley and Paul Smith” by Papa Razzi and the Photogs, Papa Razzi is Back. And He’s Singing More Nice Songs! (2011)

Listen to Gobbledygeek Episode 398 – “Free Gobble: Of Mouse Print and Madness”

‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch (1893)

Gobbledygeek episode 398, “,” is available for listening or download right here and on iTunes here.

We start with frozen dairy dessert. We end with a world on the brink of madness. Between that gulf lies…nothing, everything. Paul chides Arlo for becoming obsessed with Black Hammer. The boys laugh about getting the @Gobbledygeek Twitter handle back. Good stuff. You like that, right? Well, guess what? Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have coronavirus, the NBA has suspended the season, all travel from the EU to the US has been stopped, our president appears to be slowly dying on national television. All that, in real time. Read the mouse print, baby: it’s the end of all things.

Next: assuming we make it, there’s another Four-Color Flashback. Yep, another one. Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic. Alison Bechdel. See you then.


Total Run Time: 00:00:00

  • 00:00:00  – Intro
  • 00:00:00  – Madness!!! 
  • 00:00:00  – Outro / Next


  • “I’m Going Slightly Mad” by Queen, Innuendo (1991)
  • “Creeping Death” by Metallica, Kill ‘em All (1983)


Listen to Gobbledygeek Episode 396 – “FCF Bonus: HBO’s Watchmen (feat. Greg Sahadachny)”

Regina King in HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ (2019).

Gobbledygeek episode 396, “FCF Bonus: HBO’s Watchmen (feat. Greg Sahadachny),” is available for listening or download right here and on iTunes here.

No one, especially not Alan Moore, ever really wanted a Watchmen sequel. Which is exactly why handing the reins to Damon Lindelof, who has a history of disorienting and upsetting expectations, is a stroke of genius. Last year’s HBO series, spearheaded by Lindelof, is a bold, startling continuation of Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel masterpiece–so of course, after talking about the book, Paul, Arlo, and reformed podcaster Greg Sahadachny had to discuss the TV show. The gang talks about the ways in which Lindelof subverts and pays tribute to Moore and Gibbons’ work; how Lindelof built a writers’ room with people who were not like him; the show’s provocative exploration of race and authority; whether or not the show sticks the landing; and much, much more.

Next: due to one scheduling kerfuffle after another, we’ve got another Four-Color Flashback for you! Paul and Arlo will discuss Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston’s Black Hammer.


Total Run Time: 02:32:50

  • 00:00:30  –  Intro
  • 00:05:40  –  Sturgill Simpson’s A Good Look’n Tour
  • 00:28:28  –  Watchmen
  • 02:28:25  –  Outro / Next


  • “Turtles All the Way Down” by Sturgill Simpson, Turtles All the Way Down (2014)
  • “Best Clockmaker On Mars” by Sturgill Simpson, Sound & Fury (2019)




Listen to the Gobbledygeek Season 11 Premiere – “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (feat. Eric Sipple)”

Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver in J.J. Abrams’ ‘Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker.’

Gobbledygeek episode 394, “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (feat. Eric Sipple),” is available for listening or download right here and on iTunes here.

The geeks speak! Gobbledygeek has been resurrected via cloning or Force magic or some shit, and to kick off season 11, Broken Magic author and The Deli Counter of Justice co-creator Eric Sipple has lightspeed-skipped on over to discuss Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker. After adoring The Last Jedi, the gang approached this supposed final film in the Skywalker Saga with heavy amounts of skepticism–well-earned, depending on who you ask. They discuss the mystical, magical malarkey behind Palpatine’s return; how director J.J. Abrams and writer Chris Terrio are uniquely suited to not deliver a satisfying conclusion; the oodles of fan service; what the film’s final scene means for the legacy of Star Wars; and more. Plus, they talk about The Baby Yoda Show AKA The Mandalorian.

Next: it is January 29, 2020. Paul and Arlo are discussing Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen for a Four-Color Flashback. I am tired of this world; these people.


Total Run Time: 02:35:50

  • 00:00:00  – Intro
  • 00:02:35  – The Mandalorian
  • 00:28:52  – Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
  • 02:31:20  – Outro / Next


  • “Fanfare and Prologue” by John Williams, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2019)
  • “Finale” by John Williams, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2019)