Gobbledygeek Gift Guide 2011

On the new episode of Gobbledygeek, Paul and AJ told you about all the things you should buy this Christmas season, and now here’s a comprehensive guide! (Including a few items that weren’t even mentioned on the show.)

Note: Most links and prices are from Amazon.


READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline

Hands down one of the best science fiction books I’ve read in recent memory. It’s like my admittedly overdeveloped nostalgia gland were milked and distilled onto the page. This book is my geeky, pop-culture DNA printed in ink. ~ Paul

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The Truth About Cake: Portal 2 Comic Debuts

Valve, the company responsible for the darkly humorous and addictive action puzzle game Portal in 2007, has released the first part of an online comic that bridges the story between the original game and the upcoming Portal 2 (April 19). Titled Portal 2: Lab Rat, the comic, created entirely in-house at Valve Studios with the help of comics legend Michael Avon Oeming, will expand the Portal world and narrative, and introduces a character we all love but have never actually met, or even seen. (Not to mention brings back my #100 favorite character in modern pop culture.)

Part 1 of the tie-in debuted this Friday on IGN Comics. Part 2 will premier Monday, April 11.

UPDATE: And here it is.

UPDATE 2: Check out my review of Portal 2.

Batman: Arkham City proves, “This Ain’t No Place for No Hero”

In 2009, Rocksteady Studios hit it out of the park with their multi-platform phenomenon BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM. Now we get our first official look at gameplay footage to the follow-up, ARKHAM CITY (October 18, 2011 for U.S. Xbox 360, PS3, and PC) in the newest trailer.

Hugo Strange. Two-Face. Harley. Catwoman. Some new Bat-fu moves. And of course… the Joker. All set to the grooves of “Short Change Hero” by The Heavy.

Obviously we haven’t seen the third Bat film yet, or the other 99.9% of this game. But I’d be beyond thrilled if the next Nolanverse entry were half as badass as Arkham Asylum looks to be.

‘Scott Pilgrim’ Watch: New Video Game Trailer Ups Coolness Level of Entire Universe; Plus, Evil Exes Posters!

More Scott Pilgrim vs. the World news, this time about the forthcoming video game for PlayStation Network. The trailer for the game was unveiled at E3, and you can check it out courtesy of GameTrailers.com.

As with everything Scott Pilgrim-related, there is nothing to say but that it looks insanely freaking cool. It’s done in the old 8-bit side-scrolling beat-’em-up fashion, with brilliant character designs and awesome music. It’s basically everything you would hope for in a Scott Pilgrim video game. Major props for part of the Todd Ingram battle being a Guitar Hero-style bass-off. Oh, and Kim’s annoyed facial expression at about 38 seconds in is absolutely perfect. The game should be out for PSN in August, and for Xbox Live some time after that. Alas, my Xbox is broken and it’s never coming to Wii, so who knows when I’ll get to play it. The universe is now much cooler, but it remains unfair.

Head after the jump for a look at the 7 Evil Exes character posters for the film.

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Spider-Man 2099 Swings Into ‘Shattered Dimensions’

The third dimension of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, the forthcoming video game in which you traverse four different worlds as four different Spider-Men, has been announced: Spider-Man 2099! Honestly, I’ve got a couple issues of Spider-Man 2099 scattered throughout my collection, but I don’t know much about the character. Paul’s a big fan, but I just know the basics from Wikipedia: “Miguel O’ Hara is a brilliant geneticist who gains his spider-like powers from a gene-splicing incident.”

Regardless, the 2099 teaser looks superb:

I’m really excited for this game; the concept is brilliant, the graphics are great, and Dan Slott wrote the story. Now that we know that three of the dimensions are Amazing, Noir, and 2099, what could the fourth be? I’m banking on Spider-Ham. (Please dear God, let it be Spider-Ham.)