Show Notes for Episode 123, “Twisted Christmas: How Horrible Our Christmas Will Be!”


  • 00:00-01:00: Intro
  • 01:00-20:40: Karen Berger, Gail Simone, and Scott Snyder
  • 20:40-35:15: The Homeland controversy
  • 35:15-81:33: The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • 81:33-84:46: Outro


“Karen Berger to Leave DC Comics’ Vertigo Imprint in 2013” by Calvin Reid, Publishers Weekly

“Gail Simone Tossed Off Batgirl Via Email” by Corrina Lawson, Wired

“I Am So Fricking Fortunate It’s Ridiculous” by Gail Simone

“SNYDER, PAQUETTE Leaving SWAMP THING with Issue 18,” Newsarama

“‘Homeland’ recap: What a mess” by Willa Paskin, Salon


  1. “What’s This?” by Danny Elfman, The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
  2. “Making Christmas” by Danny Elfman and the Citizens of Halloweentown, The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

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