Show Notes for Episode 131, “So Let’s Get to the Oscars”


  • 00:00-01:27: Intro
  • 01:27-12:20: Kenn’s podcasts So Let’s Get to the Point, Project Batman, and Scattershot
  • 12:20-69:20: Oscars
  • 69:20-95:40: Robin’s death and other comics talk
  • 95:40-104:13: The Office
  • 104:13-107:10: Wishing Jen a happy birthday and publicly shaming Eric
  • 107:10-109:15: Outro


So Let’s Get to the Point

2013 Oscar results

“Why VFX Artists Are Protesting,” Cinema Online


  1. “Main Theme” by John Williams, Jaws (1975)
  2. “Robin the Boy Wonder” by Jan & Dean, Jan & Dean Meet Batman (1966)

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