Show Notes for Episode 308, “A Worthwhile Life Defined”


“Brian Reed went to ‘S-Town;’ all he brought back was this profound and unforgettable story” by Silas House, Salon

“The science behind S-Town’s mercury poisoning mystery” by Bridgett Henwood, Vox

S-Town Is a Well-Crafted Monument to Empathy” by Spencer Kornhaber, The Atlantic

“Why John B.’s Climate Change Obsession in S-Town Is So Unsettling” by Susan Matthews, Slate

S-Town is a stunning podcast. It probably shouldn’t have been made.”  by Aja Romano, Vox

Photos from Paul and Pam’s trip to Woodstock


  1. “Time” by Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
  2. “’14: I Wish I Had Pictures” by The Magnetic Fields, 50 Song Memoir (2017)