Show Notes for Episode 329, “Shattered Reflections”


  • Intro / Banter (00:00 – 18:24)
  • Main Topic (18:24 – 2:19:14)
  • Outro / Next Week (2:19:14 – 2:25:00)


“’Black Mirror’: How the New Season’s Breakout Episode Guts Toxic Fandom” by Jenna Scherer, Rolling Stone

Black Mirror’s “Crocodile” plumbs our memories and drags out what lurks in them by Alissa Wilkinson, Vox


“Please Don’t Let ‘Black Mirror’ Be a Shared Universe,” Wired

“Why ‘Black Mirror’ Offered More Escapism With Season 4” by Jackie Strause, The Hollywood Reporter

“The horribly bleak answer to that lingering question in ‘Black Mirror’” by Jess Joho, Mashable

“’Black Mirror’ doesn’t understand dating apps” by Peter Allen Clark, Mashable


“Every Major Easter Egg in Black Mirror Season Four” by Brian Tallerico, Vulture

“Charlie Brooker expands Black Mirror as three-volume book series” by David Canfield, Entertainment Weekly

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  1. “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)” by Irma Thomas (1964)
  2. “Heaven is a Place on Earth” by Brenda Carlisle, Heaven on Earth (1987)