Show Notes for Episode 368 – “Captain Marvel: Hello Flerken”


Run Time: 01:51:55

  • 00:00:30 – Intro / Yet another “we recognize our privilege” CYA disclaimer
  • 00:02:38 – Captain Marvel (Non-Spoiler)
  • 00:31:04 – Captain Marvel (SPOILERS)
  • 01:49:36 – Outro / Next


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  2. “How ‘Captain Marvel’ Pulled Off That Third Act Twist” by Brendan Foley, Cinepunx
  3. “Did ‘Captain Marvel’ Post-Credits Scene Include a Dark Twist?” by Rosie Knight, The Hollywood Reporter
  4. “Higher, Further, Faster: Does ‘Captain Marvel’ Deliver on the Potential of a Female Superhero?” by Jane Hu, The Ringer
  5. “The Faux-Progressive Politics of ‘Captain Marvel’” by Richard Brody, The New Yorker
  6. “Toxic Fans Fail to ‘Ghostbuster’ Captain Marvel’s $153 Million Debut. What’s Next?” by Chris Lee, Vulture


  1. “Connection” by Elastica, Elastica (1995)
  2. “Celebrity Skin” by Hole, Celebrity Skin (1998)