Show Notes for Episode 48, “Ladylike”


After much hand-wringing, Mad Men will return for two, maybe even three, seasons under the guidance of creator Matthew Weiner.

Hailee Steinfeld is attached to star in a revisionist update of Sleeping Beauty.

The Dark Knight Rises hasn’t even begun filming yet and Zack Snyder’s Superman hasn’t even finished casting, but plans are already underway to reboot both Batman and Superman for inclusion in a potential Justice League movie.

Uma Thurman discusses Quentin Tarantino’s next film, a Southern.

Speaking of Superman casting: Amy Adams is set to play Lois Lane.

Pixar’s forthcoming Brave gets an exciting voice cast, led by the wonderful Kelly Macdonald.

Bill Murray will play Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The winners of this year’s Peabody Awards have been announced.

James Cameron is determined to bring us an even realer reality than the reality which is currently real in the Avatar sequels.

Jim Emerson’s frame-by-frame analysis of The Social Network.

R.I.P. Farley Granger.


Tron (BD/DVD)

Tron: Legacy (Four-Disc Combo: BD3D/BD/DVD/Digital)

Benny & Joon (BD)


Sucker Punch – Paul: AJ:


  1. “Ladylike” by Storm Large, Ladylike Side One (2007)
  2. “Tomorrow Never Knows” by Carla Azar, Sucker Punch (2011)
  3. “Beautiful” by Storm Large, Ladylike Side One (2007)

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