New Bits of Footage: ‘The Avengers,’ ‘Lost’

Two tantalizing bits of footage leaked online today: the Avengers teaser shown at Comic-Con, and a clip of the forthcoming DVD epilogue of Lost.

Well, you can’t really call The Avengers bit “footage,” as it merely features Samuel L. Jackson’s commanding voice over a slowly revealed logo, but hey, it’s enough to get me excited. If only they’d added Joss Whedon’s name somewhere, I may have wet myself. Ahem. I currently can’t find an embeddable version, so click here to check it out at /Film.

The Lost clip, however, is much juicier. We open on the DHARMA Logistics Warehouse in Guam, focusing on two squabbling DHARMA employees. It’s hard to remember after the series’ cosmic conclusion, but the DHARMA Initiative is still a very important part of the Lost mythos, one that was never fully resolved. Soon enough, Ben shows up, claiming to be from the “home office,” with news that there’s a new man in charge (Hurley, of course), and that the warehouse is being shut down. Click here to watch it at Access Hollywood. I’m dying for more, and can’t wait. The Lost season 6 DVD set, featuring the full epilogue, will be released on August 24.

Movie Review: ‘The A-Team’

Director: Joe Carnahan
Writers: Joe Carnahan, Brian Bloom, and Skip Woods, based on the television series The A-Team created by Stephen J. Cannell and Frank Lupo

Maybe I’m simply of the wrong generation, but does anyone actually like The A-Team? The old TV series, I mean. I’ve barely seen the show outside of a few clips I looked up before writing this review, so again…I might just be missing something. But like The Brady Bunch or Gilligan’s Island–shows I did watch, and love, when I was younger–The A-Team has seemingly become one of those pop culture landmarks fondly remembered by many but genuinely enjoyed by few. And unfortunately, unlike when The Brady Bunch came to the big screen and amusingly satirized everything that people held dear about the show, The A-Team takes a far more generic, predictable path.

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‘Scott Pilgrim’ Watch: The International Trailer Debuts

I’m not a shill, I swear. Well, I mean, there was that enticing offer to rename the blog GobbledyScottPilgrimVsTheWorldInTheatersAugust13, but apart from that, I’m not a shill. However, that won’t stop me from bringing you news of the brand spanking new international trailer for the film, which, bless me, you can watch right here:

It’s a lot of what we saw in the North American trailer, but there are also plenty of new little bits and pieces that show just how off the rails and goofy this movie is going to be. The conversation about the cleaning lady at the end killed me (and is it just me, or has Brandon Routh been so much more likable in everything else than he was in Superman Returns?). So, stay tuned for more Scott Pilgrim, because I can guarantee you I won’t shut the fuck up about it until the 25th Anniversary Bread Makes You Fat?! Special Mega Deluxe Edition is released in 2035 on HPFEIYB (High-Pitched Frequency Emitted Into Your Brain).

First Look at Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’

Above is our first non-zombie production photo from the set of AMC’s The Walking Dead, a forthcoming series based on Robert Kirkman’s acclaimed comic book. It’s of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, the police officer who serves as the main protagonist in Kirkman’s tale of a post-apocalyptic, zombie-ravaged planet. This photo arrives at a pretty good time for me, as I just finished reading all 72 current issues of the comic this afternoon, and I watched Frank Darabont’s The Mist last night.

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Off Kilter: I, Robot

Sonny (the voice of Alan Tudyk) in I, Robot

Originally published on April 23, 2010

Welcome to the first of what may or may not end up being a semi-regular feature here, Off Kilter. This is where I plan to talk about those films, television, music, books, comics or whatever that seem to be generally unpopular but which I happen to enjoy anyways. While wearing a kilt. Which is not really important…unless you happen to be the one wearing the kilt, in which case it’s really the only thing that matters.

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Movie Review: Kick-Ass (2010)

Originally published on April 19, 2010

Director: Matthew Vaughn
Writers: Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn, based on the comic book by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.

Kick-Ass is not particularly well-made. It is not particularly well-written. With some exceptions, it is not even particularly well-acted. It is absolute trash, and yet that is part of its appeal. The Mark Millar/John Romita Jr. comic book upon which it is based was slick and stylish, and felt very much in the tradition of ultra-violent superhero satire. Matthew Vaughn’s film, on the other hand, is scrappy and unpolished, getting by solely on its foul-mouthed, blood-spattered charm, much of it due to a pint-sized, purple-clad powerhouse.

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