‘The Deli Counter of Justice’ Is Now Available

'The Deli Counter of Justice' cover. Art by Blair J. Campbell. Logo/font design by Karen Wellenkamp.

‘The Deli Counter of Justice’ cover. Art by Blair J. Campbell. Logo/font design by Karen Wellenkamp.

The superhero short story anthology The Deli Counter of Justice is now available on Amazon in both physical and digital formats. The paperback is listing for $13.99, while the Kindle version runs $6.99. If you’re not familiar with the collection (you can check out all of our author interviews and posts here), here’s what it’s about:

For decades, Carl Cook fought crime in the city of New Caliburn as the superhero Piecemaker. With the power to disassemble most everything around him, Carl was very good at taking things apart; less so at putting them back together. One divorce and an alienated daughter later, he realized the toll heroing had taken. In an attempt to move on and take charge of his life, Carl hung up the cape and opened Cook’s Deli.

But things are never that simple in the superhero capital of the world. Cook’s Deli has a front-row seat to the city’s superpowered exploits, from the exciting to the bizarre. A former sidekick discovers just how hard life is without a hero, a psychic rat goes on the warpath for another slice of rye, a D-list villain plots his revenge…these are just some of the adventures going on right in front of the deli counter. Carl may change the world, even more than he did in costume. Only now he does it one cold cut at a time.

In THE DELI COUNTER OF JUSTICE, you’ll explore the world in and around Cook’s Deli with nine stories and poems written by Kitty Chandler, Thomas Dorton, Rahne Ehtar, Alyssa Herron, Amorak Huey, C. Gayle Seaman, Eric Sipple, Paul Smith, and Arlo J. Wiley. Featuring an introduction by Mere Smith (Angel, Rome).

The book was edited by our very own Gobbledygeek co-host Arlo J. (AJ) Wiley, alongside Paul Smith and Eric Sipple. We are very excited to finally bring it to the public. We hope you enjoy it.

For an alternative to Amazon, please feel free to purchase the book via Smashwords.

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Listen to ‘The Deli Podcast of Justice’ Interview with Arlo J. Wiley (Plus Meet His Character!)


The Deli Podcast of Justice interview with Arlo J. Wiley is available for listening or download right here, and on iTunes here.

As our author interviews for The Deli Counter of Justice continue, editor-in-chief Arlo J. Wiley (or AJ when he’s not being pretentious) finds himself in the hot seat. AJ discusses his short story “Innovation,” about a D-list supervillain who starts frequenting the deli he doesn’t realize is owned by his former archnemesis. Other points of discussion are AJ’s history with screenwriting, how he learned to read in part from ’70s and ’80s superhero comics, and about his desire to take superheroes in a new direction.

Next: Paul and Eric chat with “Delilah by Proxy” author Alyssa Herron on Tuesday, October 28.

(Show notes for The Deli Podcast of Justice #9.)

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Listen to The Deli Podcast of Justice #1


The Deli Podcast of Justice #1 is available for listening or download right here, and on iTunes here.

You may have heard that AJ, Paul, and Eric have been cooking up a special project. That project is the forthcoming superhero short story anthology The Deli Counter of Justice, and they are thrilled to finally start talking about it. In this first behind-the-scenes podcast, they discuss the project’s silly Twitter genesis, its overall concept (superhero hangs up his cape and opens a deli, as you do), and what you can expect from the book. Also, they’re still looking for an author or two! If you’re interested, or have any questions, please shoot ’em an e-mail at delicounterofjustice@gmail.com.

NOTE: The music used in the podcast is “Heroic Age” by Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech.

Announcing the superhero short story anthology ‘The Deli Counter of Justice’


A retired superhero opens a deli. Who walks in?

Arlo J. Wiley, Paul Smith, and Eric Sipple are pleased to announce THE DELI COUNTER OF JUSTICE, a forthcoming superhero short story anthology.

For decades, Carl Cook fought crime in the city of New Caliburn as the superhero Piecemaker. He never made the front ranks of The Heralds, New Caliburn’s elite superhero team, but he carved out a place for himself and his sidekick Crashtest. Carl eventually realized the toll heroing had taken on his life, leading to his divorce and alienating his daughter Tabitha (who is secretly following in his footsteps). In an attempt to move on and take charge of his life, Carl hung up the cape and opened Cook’s Deli. By exploring New Caliburn and the world around Cook’s Deli, THE DELI COUNTER OF JUSTICE shows the impact Carl had as a superhero and continues to have outside the costume.

The three of us aren’t the only ones contributing to the anthology. Several other authors, to be named later, will be delving into the weird, wild world of New Caliburn and its citizens, costumed and otherwise. Right now, if you’re thinking, “Wow, this is the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard! I sure wish I could have gotten in on it!”, fear not! (Also, bless you.) We still have room for a fresh voice or two to join the project. If you’re interested, please contact us at delicounterofjustice@gmail.com.

You can look for the book, which we will be self-publishing both digitally and in print, in the spring or summer of 2014. We’ll have more specific dates as we get further along. To keep up to date on all things Deli-related, please follow our Twitter account @justicedeli and like our Facebook page.

About the authors

Arlo J. Wiley and Paul Smith host the more-or-less weekly podcast Gobbledygeek. They ran a successful series of Joss Whedon-related panels at the 2013 Alabama Phoenix Festival, and both have contributed to the pop culture website Screen Invasion. You can find their website here, and on Twitter @UnpluggedCrazy and @Haunt1013.

Eric Sipple is the author of the YA fantasy novel Broken Magic. He wrote the short story “She Says Goodbye Tomorrow” for the anthology Hot Mess: speculative fiction about climate change, and has written and directed short films. You can find his website here, and on Twitter @saalon.

Please direct all inquiries to delicounterofjustice@gmail.com.

AJ’s Got a New Gig Writing About Comics


“The veal cutlet of independent media”! They’re classy!

We here at Gobbledygeek are big believers in the practice of shameless self-promotion, but I believe this is the first time I’m promoting something of mine from elsewhere. I’m plumbing new depths of shamelessness! That’s right, Gobblers and…Gobblettes?…I’ve snagged a gig writing about comics for The Ann Arbor Review of BooksMy column “Thought Balloon” will run every Monday at 4 PM EST, exploring all my weird, largely pointless thoughts about comics as an artform and an industry. You can check out my first piece, about how Mind MGMT is making a compelling case for monthly comics reading, right here. Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite:

But the series, published by Dark Horse, is also making a strong case for monthly reading at a time when many readers have become “trade-waiters,” waiting for the inevitable trade paperback collections of certain story arcs. Kindt, known for graphic novels like Super Spy and Revolver, says that he doesn’t read monthly comics anymore. In the letter column at the end of the first issue of Mind MGMT, he writes, “I want the reading of this monthly book to be unique. I want it to be something that can’t be replicated in a trade. Something that hasn’t been done before.”

There Is Now an Actual Song About Gobbledygeek

No, we’re not talking about our clever concoction “Also Sprach Bat-Turkey,” which used to play at the beginning of every episode. The very weird, very hilarious Matt Farley, under the guise of Papa Razzi and The Photogs, has released his new album Papa Razzi Is Back. And He’s Singing More Nice Songs!, which includes a track called “A Song About Arlo J. Wiley and Paul Smith.” Yes, an actual song about your very own Gobbledygeek guys.

A couple months ago, we used the Papa Razzi song “A Song for George Lucas” in our episode “Talking Turkey.” After the fact, Matt reached out to us to let us know how cool he thought it was that we used one of his songs and that he’d be recording one about us for his next album. And so he did. And it is wonderful. And it kind of sort of made Paul cry a little.

You can check out Papa Razzi Is Back. And He’s Singing More Nice Songs!, in all its 97-track glory, on iTunes now.