Comics 201: More Recommendations

In our latest episode, Paul and I mentioned a number of comics recommendations for beginners in a variety of genres. However, we also mentioned that we had to pare down our lists significantly so that the topic would even approach being manageable. Here, as promised, are our other selections.


FANTASTIC FOUR #232-293 (John Byrne)

After his legendary Uncanny X-Men run, John Byrne took over Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four. Cinematic storytelling, emotional character shake-ups, shocking betrayals. And he grew up Sue Storm, taking her from the Invisible Girl to the Invisible Woman.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the New Bat-Turkey

Art by Bill Ellis.

That dashing defender of dorkdom you see above? That’s our brand new Bat-Turkey, drawn by cartoonist Bill Ellis (and our shiny new banner was designed by his wife Danielle). We think he looks quite spiffy, don’t you? We give our huge thanks to Bill and Danielle for a wonderful update of a goofy little bird I slapped together using Paint almost a year ago.

You can find Bill’s comic All New Issues here and follow him on Twitter here. Both of which we recommend doing.

(Hit the jump for a bigger image of Bat-Turkey in all of his glory.)

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