Listen to the ‘Gobbledygeek’ Bonus Episode “Feels Like the First Time”

The original Bat-Turkey, an extremely poor fusion of clip art and Arlo’s less than rudimentary MS Paint skills.

The Gobbledygeek bonus episode “Feels Like the First Time” is available for listening or download right here and on iTunes here.

Once upon a time, three idiots did a podcast. Their names were Paul Smith, Arlo “AJ” Wiley, and Joseph “Will Penley” Lewis. And no, we’re not talking about Gobbledygeek episode 400–we’re talking about the very first episode, recorded a full decade ago. This painful, awkward reminder of where it all began has been lost to time and/or the BlogTalkRadio servers for at least a few years now. Now, it has been restored–but never remastered–to its proper glory. Relive the earliest day of the podcast, with discussion of Alice in Wonderland, Lost, Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith, and a whole bunch of random nerd shit they did not have the faculties to properly critique. Enjoy?

Listen to Episode 100, “The Best (and Worst) of Bat-Turkey”

Gobbledygeek episode 100, “The Best (and Worst) of Bat-Turkey,” is available for listening or download right here.

That’s right, gobblers. 100 episodes. Who’da thunk it? Not us, that’s for sure. If you’re a long-time fan of the show, we’ve got a nice trip down memory lane for you, and if you’re new to our ridiculousness, this is a great primer/history lesson/greatest hits CD. The boys play snippets from various episodes throughout the show’s run, going all the way back to our extremely painful first episode. These things used to be three hours long! And live! Wow. You’ll also hear some of Paul’s finest rants, the boys attempting to tackle the issue of feminism in pop culture, AJ’s fascination with dinosaur-on-dinosaur erotica, and our chats with guests like K. Dale Koontz and Ernie Cline. Plus, some old friends drop by to share their thoughts on the show.

Next: it’s back to your normal, everyday Gobbledygeek with a discussion of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

(Show notes for “The Best (and Worst) of Bat-Turkey.”)

It’s Been a Whole Year, Folks

Can you believe it? Today, Gobbledygeek celebrates its one-year anniversary. On March 12, 2010, the show premiered on BlogTalkRadio in its live format–in the afternoon, amazingly enough–with an exceedingly awkward few hours. 44 episodes, one cast reduction, and one radical change in recording format later, I’m proud to say that we are marginally less awkward. To celebrate, check out some of our favorite episodes:

“Nerd, Dork, or Geek? Juggernaut!” (4/23/10)

“The Angry Atheist and the Religious Feminist” (6/4/10)

“Falling in Love Again” (7/2/10)

“The Match in the Fireworks Shop” (7/9/10)

“The Top 10” (8/27/10)

“Boo” (10/14/10)

“Gobbledygeek Thanksgiving I” (11/18/10)

“2010 in Review” (12/16/10)

“Springtime for Puffy Val Kilmer” (1/22/11)

The Future of Gobbledygeek

The second season of Gobbledygeek is scheduled to begin on January 20, and Paul and I have been pretty quiet about it so far. That’s because we’ve been working on the new format. That’s right, we have a new format.

Gobbledygeek will no longer be a live show.

Why? Well, we’ve really gotten fed up with all of the technical problems on BlogTalkRadio, and recording it beforehand allows us to add music cues, sound effects, and edit out anything that seriously needs to be edited out (no censoring our incompetence, however). The live tweets and the callers have been a huge part of our show, but that doesn’t have to change entirely; our friends can tweet about the show once it’s uploaded, and if any of you ever want to join us on the show, you absolutely can. You have definitely not heard the last of Kevin, and we plan on having more group get-togethers in the future.

So it’ll be a different format, but it’ll be the same show, the same two idiots blathering on and on about the same nerdy shit. It’ll just be pre-recorded.

We made a promise that the first episode would air on January 20, so we’re going to record it in the next few days and have it edited and uploaded by the 20th. After that, we’ll figure out a regular schedule so hopefully the news/topics we talk about will be timelier by the time the show goes up.

Thanks to everyone who made our first season so fantastic. You’ll be hearing from us soon.

The Final Gobbledygeek of 2010 Airs Tonight

The thirty-sixth episode of Gobbledygeek–and our season one finale, as it were–airs tonight at 10:00 PM EST right here. It’s the year-end review, as Paul and I discuss our favorites movies, TV shows, music, etc., of 2010. We’ll also reveal the results of our first annual Gobbledygeek Listeners’ Poll. We’re ditching our regular format, so no news this week, but in the bonus hour hopefully we’ll get around to the newly-announced Golden Globe nominees for next year’s ceremony.

Enjoy, and thank you for the wonderful year we’ve had.

Tune In to Tonight’s Gobbledygeek Thanksgiving Special!

I don't think Rockwell ever imagined an homage with that much Power Girl cleavage.


The thirty-third episode of Gobbledygeek airs right here at a special time tonight, 8:00 PM EST, because it’s a special episode: our first annual Thanksgiving special! (Or maybe it’s Thanksgeeking. Or maybe it’s Gobbledygiving. There’s been a bit of debate around the “office,” as it were.) Joining us around the table tonight are past guests Michele, Colin, Rob, Dale, Nathan, and the ever-present Kevin. As it’s the time of year to be thankful, we’ll be discussing the geeky things we are most thankful for. There’ll be no news, nor any callers tonight; just the roundtable discussion followed by perhaps some Black Friday talk in the bonus hour.

Not yet decided: who will be carving the Bat-Turkey. Ahem.

Listen to Last Night’s Gobbledygeek

The Pac-Man kill screen, also known as Code Monkey's Acid Trip.


Last night’s Gobbledygeek, “Kill Screen,” is available for listening right here. Paul and I conjure up our arcade memories, his largely concerning Arnold’s on the Ave, mine mostly centered on Aladdin’s Castle. All of our favorite games, from Pong to Time Crisis, get a mention, and we also talk about some memorable/regrettable films about video games. Then, in the bonus hour, we discuss upcoming releases, followed by the first installment of “Reel Picks” (reviewed are Get Him to the GreekThe Kids Are All RightThe American, and The Other Guys), and capped by Kevin and Paul expounding on this Cam Newton business which I have trouble following.

Next week: Gobbledygeek Thanksgiving, featuring some of your favorite voices of old!

And while you’re at it, why not vote in our 2010 listeners’ poll?

Gobbledygeek Listeners’ Poll 2010

Paul and myself are always babbling on about the pop culture miscellany we’re obsessed with, and now it’s your turn! We’ve just put up a listeners’ poll where you can vote on your favorite movie, TV show, album, song, book, comic book, video game, and pop culture moment of the year. On our last show of the year, the December 16 2010-in-review special, we’ll reveal the winners alongside our choices in a variety of categories. Voting is open from now until 12:00 AM EST on December 16. I know the deadline leaves out some late-comers, chiefly the Coens’ True Grit, but, well, them’s the rules.

Also, the only question that requires an answer is the last one, so if you don’t feel comfortable choosing a favorite in a certain category…you don’t have to!

Gobbledygeek #32 Tonight!

The thirty-second episode of Gobbledygeek airs live tonight at 10:30 PM EST right here. Paul and I travel back to that long-ago time when quarters were plentiful, joysticks your only weapon against the deadliest enemies, and tickets your only reward. Plus you got to turn them in for a prize. So there was that. We are, of course, talking about the video game arcade, an establishment which seems to be dead beyond movie theaters and bowling alleys. We sort of miss arcades, so here we are. In the bonus hour, we’ll have upcoming DVD releases, me talking about movies, and more.

Reminder: Calling into the show is potentially a toll call, but if you’ve got a free Skype account and a free BlogTalkRadio account, you can use the free “Click to Talk” button to call in…for free!

Listen to Thursday’s Gobbledygeek…Sort Of

In theory, you can listen to the most recent episode of Gobbledygeek, “Braaaaains!!!,” right here, but, er…only 66 minutes of it. What? Yeah, we don’t know either. I’m checking in with BlogTalkRadio as to why this is. If you listened live, you’ll remember that Skype did drop mine and Kevin’s calls twice, but whenever that has happened in the past, it has never stopped our recording. So, yeah. Little frustrating. But what you can hear of the show is devoted to The Walking Dead, the Romero zombie movies, and other pieces of zombie fiction.