“I Love You, Shortpants!”: ‘Standard Action’ Review

Statistics have shown that it’s virtually impossible to achieve happiness with an Intelligence score of higher than 14.

I spent a large part of my childhood (defined here as 12-32) playing a plethora of roleplaying games. While my friends and I moved from one publisher and game system to another, there will always be something of a soft spot in my heart for Dungeons & Dragons. You never forget your first.

Standard Action is a web series created by Vancouver actor and geek Joanna Gaskell. It’s set in a fantasy world very much in the vein of the realms of Gary Gygax, and focuses on a misfit band of adventurers including the cheerful Elf barbarian Edda (Gaskell), who tries to be savage but tends to just want everyone to get along and be friends; Fernando the half-Halfling bard (Edwin Perez), desperate to prove his valor in battle, and compose a truly epic ballad; a vain and fashion-concious sorceress named Gwenevere (don’t call her Wendy) (Tara Pratt), who generally wastes all her spells just trying to keep her impractically stylish boots clean; and Martin (Daniel Johnston), the nature-hating Druid that gets a skin irritation whenever he “hugs a tree.” They’re all awkward, inexperienced, slightly inept, and make for one really dysfunctional adventuring party.

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