Top 100 Characters in Modern Pop Culture: #20-11

Last night, Paul and I continued our countdown of the Top 100 Characters in Modern Pop Culture with our penultimate installment, detailing our picks for #20-11. Be sure to listen to the show to hear everything we said, but here are some choice excerpts:


PAUL: Westley/The Man in Black (The Princess Bride)

He bested the greatest swordsman, overpowered a giant, and outwitted a brilliant strategist. And then he got to be the one true love, thought lost at sea, now returned to his princess.

AJ: SS Colonel Hans Landa (Inglourious Basterds)

What makes Landa so terrifying is that he seems entirely bereft of a sense of morality; he manipulates himself into a position of power with whatever group seems to be on the winning side, caring little for past alliances or relationships.

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Top 100 Characters in Modern Pop Culture: #40-31

On last night’s show, Paul and I continued our countdown of the Top 100 Characters in Modern Pop Culture with #s 40-31. Be sure to listen to the show for our full run-downs, but here are some choice excerpts:


PAUL: Jesse Custer (Preacher)

He’s a good ol’ Southern boy, with a hard-drinking work ethic and a code of honor that he follows to an almost fundamentalist extreme.

AJ: The Joker (DC Comics)

Though the Joker is frightening on his own, as has been explored in many comics and filmic adaptations, he would mean nothing without the Batman. He is Batman reflected through a funhouse mirror, living to terrorize and provoke Gotham City as much as Batman exists solely to protect it and keep watch over it.

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New Bits of Footage: ‘The Avengers,’ ‘Lost’

Two tantalizing bits of footage leaked online today: the Avengers teaser shown at Comic-Con, and a clip of the forthcoming DVD epilogue of Lost.

Well, you can’t really call The Avengers bit “footage,” as it merely features Samuel L. Jackson’s commanding voice over a slowly revealed logo, but hey, it’s enough to get me excited. If only they’d added Joss Whedon’s name somewhere, I may have wet myself. Ahem. I currently can’t find an embeddable version, so click here to check it out at /Film.

The Lost clip, however, is much juicier. We open on the DHARMA Logistics Warehouse in Guam, focusing on two squabbling DHARMA employees. It’s hard to remember after the series’ cosmic conclusion, but the DHARMA Initiative is still a very important part of the Lost mythos, one that was never fully resolved. Soon enough, Ben shows up, claiming to be from the “home office,” with news that there’s a new man in charge (Hurley, of course), and that the warehouse is being shut down. Click here to watch it at Access Hollywood. I’m dying for more, and can’t wait. The Lost season 6 DVD set, featuring the full epilogue, will be released on August 24.