Listen to ‘Gobbledygeek’ Episode 226, “River Gods and Turnip Heads (feat. Monique Morgan & Nathan Burdette)”


Gobbledygeek episode 226, “River Gods and Turnip Heads (feat. Monique Morgan & Nathan Burdette),” is available for listening or download right here, and on iTunes here.

Bathhouses, talking fires, giant babies, grotesquely overweight witches…for this leg of Miyazaki Month, Paul and AJ enter the world of the filmmaker’s two most visually distinct yet perhaps least coherent films: 2001’s Spirited Away and 2004’s Howl’s Moving Castle. Joining them on their journey is first-time guest (but longtime background entertainer) Monique Morgan of Beacon Hills: After Dark and Nathan Burdette of On the Rocks (and AJ’s blood relative). The gang discusses the limitless imagination on display in these two films, the strengths and weaknesses of that lack of coherency, and what the movies have to say about Japanese culture and war.
Next: Miyazaki Month comes to a close, as Smoke Gets in Your Ears: A Mad Men Podcast co-hosts Kenn Edwards and Joseph Lewis drop by for The Wind Rises and The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness.

Listen to Episode 199, “#TurtleGate (feat. Nathan Burdette)”


Gobbledygeek episode 199, “#TurtleGate (feat. Nathan Burdette),” is available for listening or download right here, and on iTunes here.

For the first time in a very long time, Paul and AJ are joined by On the Rocks co-host (and AJ’s cousin) Nathan Burdette. This time, there’s no main topic; the boys have a hodgepodge of recent pop culture developments to discuss, including Paul and AJ’s fundamental disagreement over whether this episode actually has a main topic. Exciting! The gang gets started talking about the new claims that Jack the Ripper has been unmasked, before AJ proffers a public apology to Anna Kendrick. Then they take a gander at trade show art of the Vision as he appears in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. This leads to two larger subjects: the new documentary Turtle Power: The Definitive History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the ill-advised #GamerGate.

Next: here it is, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve hit the magic number 200. That’s right, two hundred episodes of Paul and AJ blathering on about nothing in particular. To celebrate, we’ve invited our good friend Greg Sahadachny of The Debatable Podcast to take the reins, interviewing the boys about life, the universe, and everything.

(Show notes for “#TurtleGate.”)