Listen to ‘Gobbledygeek’ Episode 345, “The X-Files: Season 9 (feat. Wesley Mead)”

Gobbledygeek episode 345, “The X-Files: Season 9 (feat. Wesley Mead),” is available for listening or download right here and on iTunes here.

The truth is out there, or so we’ve been told. As Paul, Arlo, and special British guest Wesley “Wezzo” Mead reach The X-Files season 9 and find the series’ original finale “The Truth,” they wonder if they should have just left it out there. Despite ostensibly having new leads in Doggett and Reyes, Chris Carter & Co. cling to Scully and Mulder–the former is a bored-looking recurring character, the latter is literally no longer on the show–harder than ever before. The gang discusses why Carter’s inability to let go of the show’s past hinders its present, how the character of Dana Scully is destroyed, and whether or not “The Truth” is truly one of the worst series finales in TV history. (Spoiler: it is.) Plus, Arlo and Paul get down with killer clowns with Terrifier and Deadpool 2.

Next: Arlo’s getting hitched! Gobbledygeek will return in June.

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Listen to Our ‘Deadpool’ Bonus Episode, “Rated R for Reynolds & Ring Pops”


The Deadpool bonus episode of Gobbledygeek is available for listening or download right here and on iTunes here.

How many walls does a podcast have? Can we break them? Because movies have four, and Deadpool takes a wrecking ball to the fourth one. In the midst of Hitchcock Month, Paul and AJ are rolling out a bonus episode about the Merc with a Mouth’s meta movie. Neither one of them are particularly enamored with the Deadpool of comics fame, but how does that affect their view of Ryan Reynolds’ passion project? (Spoiler alert: they disagree. Kind of.) Under discussion: the movie’s raunchy sense of humor, whether or not it has a heart, Reynolds’ RDJ moment, and what Deadpool‘s success could mean for the future of offbeat superhero movies. Nary a chimichanga in sight.

(Show notes for “Rated R for Reynolds & Ring Pops.”)

‘Green Lantern’ Takes Flight in New WonderCon Footage

I don’t usually watch extended “sizzle reels” unless I’m at Comic-Con, as your regular two-and-a-half minute trailers already give away damn near the whole movie. But I was not very enthused by the Green Lantern trailer of a few months ago, and the buzz was that the new footage of the movie shown at WonderCon would dispel any fears one had about it. Warner Bros. has uploaded four of the nine minutes of WonderCon footage, which you can watch right here:

The verdict? This still isn’t a movie I’d pay to see were it not a major geek event. It doesn’t look quite as abysmal as the original trailer made it appear, and indeed some of the action setpieces look like they’ll be pretty decent. I was particularly fond of Abin Sur’s flight from whatever the hell that was near the beginning. But in my mind, the film has to overcome two hurdles, one of which could be easier than the other, both of which are fundamental.

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