On DVD & Blu-Ray, 6/7/11: ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘True Grit,’ More

BREAKING BAD: The Complete Third Season (DVD/Blu-ray)

Breaking Bad‘s terrific second season was tightly plotted ahead of time, with ample foreshadowing throughout. For the show’s third season, however, creator Vince Gilligan and his writers turned into expert jazz players, improvising every note, changing rhythm, and exploring all sorts of new grooves. Gilligan and Co. repeatedly force science-teacher-turned-methmaker Walt and his junkie partner Jesse into corners there’s seemingly no way they’ll get out of; and the creative team had no idea if they could either, until they started writing the next episode. An approach like this could easily have been disastrous, but instead makes for one of the all-time great seasons of television. The jagged, frayed chemistry between Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul makes for the best duo on TV, both giving fierce performances. Stand-out episodes in a stand-out season include “One Minute,” with an intense set piece for the ages; “Fly,” which takes place entirely in the lab, examining Walt and Jesse’s relationship; and “Full Measure,” the epic season finale. Extras include commentaries by Gilligan and the cast; and a number of featurettes. 

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‘Scott Pilgrim’ Watch: The International Trailer Debuts

I’m not a shill, I swear. Well, I mean, there was that enticing offer to rename the blog GobbledyScottPilgrimVsTheWorldInTheatersAugust13, but apart from that, I’m not a shill. However, that won’t stop me from bringing you news of the brand spanking new international trailer for the film, which, bless me, you can watch right here:

It’s a lot of what we saw in the North American trailer, but there are also plenty of new little bits and pieces that show just how off the rails and goofy this movie is going to be. The conversation about the cleaning lady at the end killed me (and is it just me, or has Brandon Routh been so much more likable in everything else than he was in Superman Returns?). So, stay tuned for more Scott Pilgrim, because I can guarantee you I won’t shut the fuck up about it until the 25th Anniversary Bread Makes You Fat?! Special Mega Deluxe Edition is released in 2035 on HPFEIYB (High-Pitched Frequency Emitted Into Your Brain).