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The Pac-Man kill screen, also known as Code Monkey's Acid Trip.


Last night’s Gobbledygeek, “Kill Screen,” is available for listening right here. Paul and I conjure up our arcade memories, his largely concerning Arnold’s on the Ave, mine mostly centered on Aladdin’s Castle. All of our favorite games, from Pong to Time Crisis, get a mention, and we also talk about some memorable/regrettable films about video games. Then, in the bonus hour, we discuss upcoming releases, followed by the first installment of “Reel Picks” (reviewed are Get Him to the GreekThe Kids Are All RightThe American, and The Other Guys), and capped by Kevin and Paul expounding on this Cam Newton business which I have trouble following.

Next week: Gobbledygeek Thanksgiving, featuring some of your favorite voices of old!

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The Gobbledygeek Guide to the Fall/Winter Movie Season

Last night, Paul and I discussed a plethora of upcoming movies we found interesting in some way. Listen to the show to hear what we had to say, but as promised, here are the IMDb links and trailers for each film we mentioned:

September 1

The American

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Listen to Last Night’s Gobbledygeek

Chloe Moretz in 'Let Me In'

Last night’s Gobbledygeek, “The American Harry Potter Waiting for Jack to Go Boating and Let Me In,” is available for listening right here. We discuss 36 forthcoming fall/winter movies, and why exactly we’re looking forward to them. Reasons range from genuine excitement to morbid curiosity, films from small arthouse flicks to honest-to-gosh blockbusters. In the bonus hour, we reach the penultimate installment of our countdown of the Top 100 Characters in Modern Pop Culture with #20-11. Only one week left!