Listen to ‘The Avatar Returns’ Episode 29


The Avatar Returns episode 29 is available for listening or download right here and on iTunes here.

M. Night Shyamalan directed a movie. Arlo made us watch it. We didn’t like it. We talk about it. We’re sorry.

(Ed. note: we experience intermittent audio issues throughout recording, because even the universe didn’t want us to discuss this garbage fire of a film.)

Next: we finally get back to The Legend of Korra as we kick off Book Two: Spirits with chapters 201-204, “Rebel Spirit,” “The Southern Lights,” “Civil Wars, Part 1,” and “Civil Wars, Part 2.”

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Listen to ‘The Avatar Returns’ Episode 24


The Avatar Returns episode 24 is available for listening or download right here and on iTunes here.

Amon wants a revolution, but first we get a revelation. Chapter 103, “The Revelation” to be precise, wherein we learn that the leader of the Equalists, while really scary and kind of a dick, might possibly have a point? Paul and Eric are in full-on fanboy mode, but Arlo is initially uncomfortable with the muddy moral waters this new series is treading in, with “villains” that are actually the oppressed and “heroes” that could in fact be the oppressors. But Amon has a plan, and it involves taking away people’s bending abilities! And in chapter 104, “The Voice in the Night” haunts Korra with the fear of that very thing. We talk again about how The Legend of Korra is the Angel to Avatar: The Last Airbender‘s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, exploring more mature, challenging, and morally ambiguous subject matter than perhaps its parent series. Also, we meet the wonderful Asami (we’ll get through this love quadrangle stuff, I promise), the adorable Pabu (he’s a friend, not a snack), and we jump to some disturbing conclusions about the Republic City Council, start to get really worked up about it, and then realize that we may already be falling for Amon’s propaganda crap.

Oh yeah, and we finally, officially settle on a time for the live-action The Last Airbender film. We will suffer for your entertainment.

Next: we hit the Korra Book One midpoint with chapters 105-107, “The Spirit of Competition,” “And the Winner is…,” and “The Aftermath.”

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Listen to the First Episode of ‘The Avatar Returns’


The Avatar Returns episode 1 is available for listening or download right here, and on iTunes here.

Paul, AJ, and their frenemy/The Deli Counter of Justice co-editor Eric Sipple have a new podcast: The Avatar Returns. It seems as though a hundred years have passed since they first committed to doing this, but at last…they’re here to save the world! Or at least watch and discuss every chapter of the award-winning Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel The Legend of Korra. Each week (or so), your humble hosts wax rhapsodic about 2-4 chapters, working their way from the epic’s humble beginnings in the frozen southern wastes to the dramatic final battle in…well, that would be telling.

This episode, they talk about “The Boy in the Iceberg,” “The Avatar Returns,” and “The Southern Air Temple.” Paul and Eric have seen both series before, but this is AJ’s first visit to the world of Avatar. Join us as we bask in his coming of age.

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