Listen to Episode 46, “Tights of Spandex, Flights of Fantasy, Slices of Life”

Gobbledygeek episode 46, “Tights of Spandex, Flights of Fantasy, Slices of Life,” is available for listening or download right here. Endeavoring to enlighten the non-comics-reading portion of their audience, Paul and AJ offer up a sort of Comics 101 class: twenty-seven recommendations for beginners in five different categories. From superhero fare like Batman: Year One to webcomics like The Perry Bible Fellowship; from the engrossing autobiography Blankets to the fantasy epic Fables; from the zombie opus The Walking Dead to the boy-and-his-tiger opus Calvin and Hobbes; we’ve attempted to cover most of the bases. In addition to all o’ that, you’ve also got your news; your upcoming DVD releases; Paul’s takes on the first issues of new comics XombiVenom, Sigil, and Ruse; and AJ’s thoughts on the films Unstoppable, Due Date, and LennonNYC.

Next: we’ll discuss fictional worlds we’d want to live in.

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Review: Xombi #1

Xombi #1

Written by John Rozum
Art by Frazier Irving
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Published by DC Entertainment


For one reason or another I never got onboard with the Milestone line of comics that debuted in the nineties. Not really sure why, but perhaps I was just too focused on the more mainstream Marvel and DC universes. But whatever it was, I’ve come to regret that in recent days, particularly with the passing last month of Milestone creator Dwayne McDuffie. I really need to make the effort to track down some of those titles, things like Static and Hardware.

One series that I fortunately won’t have to look too hard to find is Xombi, which makes its triumphant return to the racks this month with a brand new #1, now under the DC Comics banner. Original writer John Rozum is still manning the wheel, now joined by the incomparable Frazer Irving on art.

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