Show Notes for Episode 139, “Iron Man Three: Iron Harder”


  • 00:00-02:05: Intro
  • 02:05-04:00: PBS Avengers
  • 04:00-12:37: Game of Thrones
  • 12:37-36:55: DC Comics is awful
  • 36:55-108:44: Iron Man 3
  • 108:44-112:10: Outro


PBS Avengers

“Editorial Mandate: What to Do When a Publisher Blacklists You” by BlueStreak, OH! Entertainment

“DC Comics Pulls the Plug on Executive Column After Too Many Tough Questions from Fans” by Jill Pantozzi, The Mary Sue

“B&B No More. So… What?” by Graeme McMillan, Newsarama

“AOL Has Shuttered Comics Alliance” by Alyssa Rosenberg, ThinkProgress


  1. “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65, Europop (1999)
  2. “My Iron Lung” by Radiohead, The Bends (1995)

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