Show Notes for Episode 40, “Etewaf”


The White Stripes officially call it quits.

Once more, with feeling: San Diego Comic-Con passes go on sale again February 5.

The King’s Speech takes home the gold at the Directors Guild and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Production proofs for Detective Comics #27 are rescued from the trash.

Ladies and gentlemen, our new Superman: Henry Cavill.

Superman 1978 producer Ilya Salkind lost, then found in Mexico.

Amazon to take a page from Netflix’s book, become Netflix.

Beavis and Butt-Head, esteemed music critics, return.

In advance of his film opening this summer, Captain America takes it upon himself to roam the streets of America.

My, what superfluous Snow White projects you have, Hollywood!


  1. “Mad World” by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules, Donnie Darko (2001)
  2. “Sea of Love” by The Honeydrippers, The Honeydrippers Vol. 1 (1984)
  3. “We’re Going to Be Friends” by The White Stripes, White Blood Cells (2001)

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