Meet the Geeks


Arlo James Wiley came about in the year of our lord 1990 and was called AJ before he discovered he could act even more pretentious by forcing those around him to call him Arlo J. Wiley.

When he’s not busy watching twelve-hour Czech documentaries, obsessing over the works of Joss Whedon, or singing along to The Beatles, AJ loves to write, to read, and to watch movies other people would actually watch. Some day, he’d love to make one.

Follow him on Twitter here.


Not much is known about the entity identified as Paul Smith. Research suggests it first manifested on this plane on February 13th, 1970. A Friday, which may or may not be coincidence. Its habits are mostly a mystery, though it has demonstrated an affinity with animals, primarily cats, and seems unnaturally drawn to “uncool” popculture phenomenon such as comics, fantasy/sci-fi films and television, and 80’s rock music.

For some reason in recent years it has chosen to appear as a scruffy, pasty-skinned bipedal hominid male with a need for corrective lenses and an apparent allergy to bifurcated garments. Still no explanation available for the unimaginative nomenclature “Paul Smith.”

Follow him on Twitter here.

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