Show Notes for Episode 265, “Now the Fun Begins”


“When Hitchcock Went Gay: ‘Strangers on a Train’ and ‘Rope'” by Tyler Coates, Decider

“Understanding the Hidden Editing in Hitchcock’s ‘Rope'” by V Renée, No Film School

“My favourite Hitchcock: Rope” by Pamela Hutchinson, The Guardian

“Rear Window” by Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“Great Movie: Rear Window” by Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“Rear Window Timelapse” by Jeff Desom

“Why Rear Window Is Essential” by Jeremy Arnold, Rob Nixon, and Jeff Stafford, Turner Classic Movies

“Definitive List of Hitchcock McGuffins” by Jeffrey Michael Bays

Joe’s Twitter and YouTube

Hitchcock/Truffaut by François Truffaut and Helen G. Scott

Hitchcock and Philosophy: Dial M for Metaphysics, edited by David Baggett and William A. Drumin


  1. “Dinner Party” by White Rabbits, Fort Nightly (2007)
  2. “I Turn My Camera On” by Spoon, Gimme Fiction (2005)